From Bean to Cup: The Artistry of SwitchPoint's Brews From Bean to Cup

From Bean to Cup: The Artistry of SwitchPoint's Brews From Bean to Cup

By Jennifer Sperry

At Switchpoint Coffee Co., the journey from bean to cup is an art form, and the diverse range of brews we offer reflects a commitment to quality, flavor, and sustainability. From the delicate notes of our light roast to the robust richness of the medium roast, and the comforting warmth of the medium decaf roast, each cup tells a unique story of craftsmanship and dedication. Let's embark on a sensory exploration of our exceptional brews.

Game Changer: Dark Roast

Madagascar Vanilla | Crème Brûlé | Pear

Crafted with the essence of Madagascar vanilla, crème brulé, and pear, each sip is a revelation. Beyond its exceptional flavor, Game Changer embodies a commitment to transformative impact. The coffee's origins at Finca Churu Pampa represent a beacon of sustainable production, uplifting not only the farm but an entire community of 215 farmers. Organic farming isn't' a choice; it's a way of life, fostering a sustainable ecosystem. When you choose Game Changer, you're not just savoring remarkable taste; you're part of a movement. 

Make the Switch: Medium Roast Decaf

Maple | Almond Brittle | Dark Chocolate

Embrace the extraordinary with Make the Switch Medium Roast Decaf. Experience delightful notes of almond brittle, dark chocolate, and maple. Hailing from Tolima, Colombia, a region overcoming adversity, this fair trade, organic, and women-owned coffee is a testament to positive change. Sourced from ASOPEP, a cooperative defying odd, this 100% women-produced ethyl acetate decaffeinated lot not only guarantees a world-class taste but also contributes to a force for good in the region. Make the switch to excellence and impact with each cup!

Ray of Sunshine: Light Roast

Wildflower Honey | Tangerine | Toffee

Introducing the Ray of Sunshine Light Roast. Revel in the harmonious notes of wildflower honey, tangerine, and toffee. Sourced from the thriving COMSA cooperative in Marcala, La Paz, this Fair Trade Organic certified coffee is a testament to sustainable farming practices, empowering small farmers, and meticulous post-harvest standards. Grown exclusively by women producers on 15 farms, this washed processed coffee reflects COMSA's commitment to inclusivity and environmental welfare. Immerse yourself in the bright flavors of this socially and environmentally conscious, fair trade and organic brew, and support a community dedicated to positive change.
We also have Ray of Sunshine in French roast. 

Underdog: Medium Roast

Tart Cherry | Cola | Dulce de Leche

Savor the distinctive taste of Underdog Medium Roast, featuring delightful notes of tart cherry, cola, and dulce de leche. This fair trade and organic blend showcase the remarkable Guatemala Manos de Mujer coffee, sourced from the ACODIHUE cooperative in the mountainous Huehuetenango region. Grown and produced by indigenous women, this coffee is a symbol of empowerment, as these women are now landowners due to widowing from civil war and men migrating to the United States. The cooperative's commitment extends beyond coffee, with investments in community programs like a vegetable gardening skill-building initiative, empowering women to farm vegetables for their families and local markets.

Only 22% of ACODIHUE's annual production is designated as Café con Manos de Mujer, a refined selection showcasing the cooperative's best coffee. Hand-picked during the harvest season, this ripe Manos de Mujer coffee thrives at an average elevation of 1500 meters above sea level, offering a unique blend of Red and Yellow Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra varieties. Indulge in the exceptional taste of Underdog Medium Roast and support a coffee community committed to empowerment, sustainability, and the celebration of women's hands crafting excellence in every cup.

Brewing Transparency and Quality

Coffee Co.'s dedication to transparency extends beyond their commitment to organic beans. The coffee shop takes pride in sharing the stories behind each blend, the origin of the beans, and the meticulous roasting process. This openness allows customers to connect with the coffee on a deeper level, appreciating not just the taste but the journey it took to reach their cup.

Switchpoint Coffee Co. invites coffee enthusiasts to embark on a journey of flavor. With an unwavering commitment to organic, sustainably sourced beans, Coffee Co. offers more than just coffee; it's an experience that celebrates craftsmanship, diversity, and the pure joy of a well-brewed cup. In every sip, patrons can taste the passion and dedication that make Coffee Co. truly exceptional. What blend are you going to try today?