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AboUt Switchpoint Coffee Co

It All Started with a Cup of Coffee

Rich in Flavor • Rich in Purpose

At Switchpoint Coffee Co., our journey began with a simple cup of coffee and a profound commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty. In a world where compassion endures, we fervently advocate that no one should be left without shelter. That’s why we dedicate 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of our coffee beans to end poverty.

Our mission is clear: More cups of coffee equal less homelessness in our communities and we’re making it happen! We envisioned a line of coffee that would generate the profits needed to disrupt the cycle of poverty and homelessness, and today, that vision is a reality! We have provided 366 permanent housing units, offering a home to 515 people, with more on the horizon in 2024.

But Why Coffee?

There are countless reasons, but most importantly, coffee has the power to drive change and make a significant impact. These rich, dark elixir fuels economies worldwide, with over 2 billion cups enjoyed daily. It’s one of the most traded commodities. We are confident our coffee can provide the financial support required to make a tangible difference in reducing poverty and homelessness in our cities.

Join us in sipping for change and making a positive impact one cup at a time.