About Switchpoint Coffee Co

It all started with a cup of coffee

An unrelenting commitment to disrupt the cycle of poverty. Our “switchpoint” started when we met Ray, a friendly wheelchair-bound man seeking warmth and a cup of coffee one chilly morning.

He gave us a clear-eyed vision into the challenges that so many face, one where a lost ID and lack of transportation leads to being unsheltered. It is Switchpoint Industries’ conviction that this should never happen in a world where people still care, and that’s why 100% of the proceeds from your purchase of our products are used to end poverty.

More cups of coffee = less homelessness in Utah 

Switchpoint had an idea. Why not create a line of coffee that would generate enough profit to disrupt the cycle of poverty and homelessness? And, like so many of our innovative ideas, it’s happening! 

Why sell coffee?

There are lots of reasons, but mostly, coffee can pay the bills. This rich, dark liquid greases the wheels of many economies across the world. Humans enjoy more than 2 billion cups every day, and it’s one of the most traded commodities. We have every reason to believe our new Switchpoint Coffee Co. can provide the funding we need to reduce poverty and homelessness in our city,

Coffee isn’t just good…it's good business!

Meet Ray, our "Switchpoint"