Switchpoint Coffee Co. is committed to fostering sustainability, inclusivity and upholding ethical production. Each sip is a transformative journey from seed to cup, where social responsibility intertwines with premium quality. Our beans are deeply rooted in the principles of organic farm management, with a specific focus on empowering women and small farmers from the region it is harvested.  

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What initiatives does Switchpoint Coffee Co. support beyond coffee sales?

Our blend from Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango, comes our Guatemala Manos de Mujer, grown and produced by indigenous women. ACODIHUE's certification of these women as "Manos de Mujer" recognizes their vital role and contribution. Beyond coffee, ACODIHUE invests in community development, reflecting our shared commitment to empowerment.

Does Switchpoint Coffee Co. have de-caf?

Our collaboration with ASOPEP in Tolima, Colombia, goes beyond geography. This 100% women-produced ethyl acetate decaffeinated lot is dedication from ASOPEP's exceptional quality and positive impact in the region. Each bean tells a story of resilience, empowerment, and sustainable farming practices.

Does Switchpoint Coffee Co. support organic and fair trade practices?

Our beans from COMSA, based in Marcala, La Paz, embodies our ethos. This Fair Trade Organic certified cooperative is deeply rooted in organic farm management and meticulous post-harvest standards. This washed processed coffee, exclusively grown by women producers, shows our dedication to gender equality and ethical sourcing.

How does Switchpoint Coffee Co. honor the farms and capture the essence of their beans through their small-batch roasting process?

At Switchpoint Coffee Co., we go beyond ethical sourcing to ensure every sip you take reflects superior taste. Through our small-batch, locally roasted process, we transform our beans into a symphony of flavors while reducing our carbon footprint, inviting you to savor not just coffee, but a blend of ethics, empowerment, and unparalleled quality.

Coffee Co. ensures a rich and authentic coffee experience that celebrates the essence of our farmers.

What blends and flavor notes do you have?

We have the following organic blends and flavor notes: 

Ray of Sunshine 
Light Roast Flavor Notes: Wildflower Honey | Tangerine | Toffee

Medium Roast Flavor Notes: Tart Cherry| Cola | Dulce de Leche

Game Changer 
Dark Roast Flavor Notes: Madagascar Vanilla | Crème Brûlée | Pear

Make the Switch *Decaf
Medium Roast Flavor Notes: Almond Brittle | Dark Chocolate | Maple

Ray's French Roast
French Roast Flavor Notes: Fudge Molasses | Burnt Marshmallow 

Ray of Sunshine Espresso
Light Roast Flavor Notes: Wildflower Honey | Tangerine | Toffee

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