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“Get Going” book by Carol Hollowell



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The real solutions that lead to a marked change in the landscape of homelessness and how communities can follow Switchpoint’s tactics and methods for a sustainable impact.

Ending homelessness requires individuals and organizations to drop the ego and embrace the philosophy of EGI (Everyone Gets Involved). As a co-op built to make sustainable positive change in the community, Switchpoint has enacted a path that others can follow in identifying problems, finding solutions, and taking actions that lead to permanent changes. Switchpoint’s community center provides the homeless community with services that go far beyond food and shelter, creating steppingstones to independence for persons living in homelessness and poverty. Now offering an outline of the Switchpoint process, Get Going shows the incredible progress made when communities come together.

Get Going offers community leaders and non-profit service providers in the homeless arena an empowering set of tactics to help end homelessness. Jam-packed with stories of the real lives changed in communities willing to come together, Get Going makes an inspiring read that also acts as a triumphant call to action for all those willing to step up and be the change they are looking for in their communities.


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